Future Anecdotes Istanbul (FAI) is a graphic and spatial design studio based in Istanbul, working closely with artists, architects, curators, publishers and cultural institutions. The studio has been operating from Istanbul since 2011 as a continuation of Future Anecdotes, which was established in London in 2009.

FAI is run by Asli Altay who has an MA from Graphic Design and Communication, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. Her book 'Future Anecdotes'; which gave the name of the studio, is in the Tate Modern Artist’s Book Collection, amongst some other private and public collections. Asli has also conducted lectures and workshops in London College of Communication, Chelsea College of Art & Design and University of Creative Arts and currently teaching part-time in Bilgi University, Istanbul.

Can Altay and Asli Altay

Asli Altay is a graphic designer and the director of Future Anecdotes Istanbul.

FAI operates in a limited range of formats, these are mainly exhibitions, publications, and identity systems. FAI’s interest in design lies in the ability to build up narratives and discussions through visual, literary, and spatial experience.

Can Altay is an artist and the Department Head of Product Design at Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture.

Together they take on projects that often revolve around issues of public space and communication. The pair creates structures and publications that act as public platforms or markers in urban space and exhibition contexts. Ongoing threads in their practice include issues of publication and public-action, questions of display and pursuing the role of design as editorial input and integral collaboration instead of provision of services.

Can & Asli Altay's collaborations include Reading Room at the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial (2014); An Archipelago from the Mediterranean at the 5th Marrakech Biennale (2014); Ahali: an anthology for setting a setting published by Bedford Press, London (2012); The Church Street Partners' Gazette, The Showroom, London (2010-ongoing); PARK: bir ihtimal an exhibition in public space, Istanbul (2010).

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